Borrow money for carnival

The south of the country is completely turned upside down once a year. It is then time for the annual carnival party. The “normal” life then stands still for a moment and everyone throws himself into the party. Carnival is also becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the Netherlands and here too it is

Why use pension savings

The year 2013 brought a number of changes and new possibilities to pension savings. Also, the state-funded supplementary pension insurance (Act No. 42/1994 Coll.), which by the end of 2012 was the only option to save for old-age with the support of the state, has changed thanks to the pension reform, and more precisely, as

Poor pensioners in the country

In the Member States of the European Union, a citizen with a monthly income of less than 60% of the median wage is considered poor. “Poor Europeans” are far superior to poor people in developing countries because of sophisticated European social policy, yet “poor Europeans” feel excluded from society. In some Member States of the